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3rd car from MS Supercars in 12 months and what a car it is. A fully loaded Golf GTD with R line goodies fitted from source. Can’t praise you guys enough for the service you give but being petrol heads , it’s obvious you enjoy your work there. My wife is over the moon as am I but I have a plan to buy something special in the spring from MS Supercars and nowhere else 👍. People looking for A1 5 star cars need to call Martin Sanchez and crew and see what he has in stock but if its not in the showroom then he will source it. Big thanks guys 👍 Keith and Michelle
Keith Pedder
Well what can I say 🤔 I’ve been in the trade for over 30 years and retired 2 years ago. When I first took over one main franchise in the past,the dealer principle said I spent far to long handing over my cars. Three years later the manufacturer started using our customer service as the it benchmark, especially after 4 previous mystery shops (all 100 percent, which was unheard of). You may think I’m waffling on a bit and feeling nostalgic, but there really is a moral to this story. From the minute I met Martin I knew he had the same values. In fact, it was the only time I’ve ever bought a car unseen, due mainly to his enthusiasm and honesty. I traveled a 700 mile round trip from Plymouth to Lincoln, yet I always knew it was never going to be a wasted journey. A week later I was travelling home with a beautiful 911 turbo in Colbalt Blue., exactly as it was described. Martin spends a lot of money on his warranty, protecting his customers investment. Unfortunately the issues I had with the car were not covered by his very comprehensive warranty. Under normal circumstances this would have been a major problem and a cause of a great deal of distress and cost. But being Martin, my worries were quickly eradicated and everything was fixed using his own money. I actually felt quite guilty owning a 17 year old Porsche and letting the dealer look after all of the cost. In fact the cost to him was well over £3000 and not once did he quibble over any of the small issues I had. So to cut a long story short, especially as I consider myself as being one of the most anal customers on the planet. I more than met my match when I came across Martin Sanchez. He really has built a fantastic specialist car company and so deserves to succeed, even in these unprecedented times. After knowing him and now being fortunate enough to call him a friend, I will never buy a car from anyone else. He has the type of values that unfortunately disappeared years ago in every other walk of life. As a side note, I see one person has left a negative comment about him. I’m afraid this only goes to show, that how ever well you bend over backwards to help, some people are what they are 😩 Keep up the fantastic work Martin and Adele and I will be up as soon as you find us a Blue Golf R. Simon
Simon Carter
I've been buying cars from Martin since 2001, I've had many ! Mostly Porsche and Audi. I have only good things to say about him, his cars and the after sales support that he's provided over the years.
John Dickens